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Acrylic Nail Extensions

  • Duration
    3-5 Days
  • Includes
    Nail Art + learn all the basics
    pink and white (acrylic + gel), the most beautiful, durable, minimum spend + Fancy advanced nail techniques, 3D, 3D in, 3D out, mix stone , color drop and so on…
    Acrylic Big Set
  • Nail anatomy and Nail Preparation
  • French nail Tip overlay (Gel + Acrylic)
  • Howtomake glass nail style, fancy, 3D (Gel+Acrylic)
  • Naturalnails (Gel+Acrylic)
  • Nailtips,all forms (Gel+Acrylic)
  • Learn how to nail Advanced techniques
  • learn how to make nail a super strong, the most durable. For tourists
  • How to file a style that is accurate and fast, and use machine
  • How to fill the bases white like new
  • How to remove Gel nail + Acrylic nail
  • Gelish color gels, color lasting for 3 weeks
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